Virtual Counseling Services
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Counseling services have become convenient with the availability of online counseling services. The restrictions imposed due to the pandemic accelerated the use of virtual counseling. If you are new to virtual counseling, here is a simple step-by-step process to get you started. 

1. Understand if online counseling works for you

Online counseling has many advantages when compared to traditional sit-ins with a counselor. It saves time and finances you would have used to get to a counselor’s office. Furthermore, you can have the counseling session anywhere, at home or in your office. 

Some people prefer talking with their counselors face to face. Others may not feel connected to their counselor when having an online session. Before you register and start counseling, find out if it is the right choice. 

2. Find a virtual counseling service

Many counseling clinics offer online therapies. You can find the different services by searching for their websites online. You can see the pricing and the different types they offer on their website and compare them. 

Check the reviews and recommendations for the virtual counseling clinic. Use the contacts to get more information about the counseling clinic. You can also request the qualifications and licensing of the counselors available. 

Ask how you can pay for the sessions and if they accept your insurance provider. Request to know how they conduct their online sessions. After looking at different options, choose from the best virtual counseling service. 

3. How secure are virtual counseling services?

Virtual counseling must be confidential and secure to protect client privacy. They use encryption on private meetings or video and phone calls. You also have to ensure your devices are secure. Get a safe place to express your feelings. 

4. How do I prepare for an online session?

Start by finding a soundproof, secure pace or where you can talk. Find enough time for the counseling session. Prepare your mind for the session and after the session, reflect on the issues discussed. 

If it’s your first therapy session, ask questions like;

  • How long does the session take?
  • How can I cancel a session?
  • How many sessions will you need?
  • What will you need for the therapy session?
  • What other methods can you use in case of a technical problem?
  • How does the counselor guarantee confidentiality on his side?

These questions will help to prepare and reduce anxiety during the first session. They also assist patients in understanding how the counseling session happens. 

Pros of virtual counseling services 

  • It has a variety of methods, such as texts, email, videos, and calls
  • It is efficient for busy individuals
  • It is efficient as you can get your counselor using your devices at home or work
  • It does reduce the cost you would have used to get to the counselor’s office


  • It relies on technology and WI-FI 
  • Most virtual counseling services do not accept insurance payments

Final words

Virtual counseling services are a game changer when it getting professional help. It has allowed more people that would shy away from a face-to-face session to find help online. If you are looking for a way to get help, use the guide to help you start your journey toward recovery or treatment.