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No matter the services, products, or size of a business, marketing is indispensable for every company. The goal of every business is revenue. And revenue can only result from:

  • Creating awareness for the products or services
  • Getting customers to buy

Marketing is all about creating awareness and getting customers. Companies have two ways of taking care of this:

  • Hiring marketing staff and creating an in-house team
  • Outsourcing the work to a marketing agency.

Which method would you choose if you need a marketing team to go out in the field to promote your brand and generate leads? Many Canadian businesses seeking in-field marketers are now choosing the latter. But before you decide, consider these points while comparing both ways:

1. Time

Hiring or expanding your own in-house team will require:

  • Attracting applicants
  • Selecting potentially suitable candidates 
  • Conducting several interviews 
  • Training 

This process can take several months to develop an effective in-field marketing team. Hiring staff alone, apart from training, will require at least one month.

In contrast, outsourcing to an agency requires:

  • Setting up interviews/meetings with agencies (within one week)
  • Choosing a suitable agency and signing contracts (2 – 3 days)
  • Field marketing begins (within two days)

So if you wish to have a team ready within two weeks or less, an agency is the best bet. It is possible to hire a competent in-field marketing agency in Toronto or near you sooner than you expect. 

2. Cost

In-house team costs include the following:

  • Recruitment costs
  • Training
  • Replacement costs if a member leaves the team
  • Employee benefits costs

A marketing manager’s average annual salary can reach $120000. Now add average annual pay for other members of the team. 

Contrary to this, the average monthly retainer for a marketing agency in Canada ranges from $2500 to $9000. The agency handles the team, and there are no other expenses, such as employee benefits. 

3. Control and communication 

The in-house marketing team allows you to monitor your staff’s work closely. The proximity lets you ensure the team complies with the company’s objectives and vision. An in-house field marketing team is sure to adhere to the company’s work culture and code of ethics.

On the other hand, it is tough to monitor an external team’s activities. You will have to rely on communication, which might not be as fast as dealing with an in-house team. The agency may also need time to adapt to the company’s culture. However, this could bolster their creativity and innovation. 

Both choices offer different levels of communication and control. Communication can continue to improve with time. But if you prefer a higher level of control, an in-house team might be best.

Final thought: should I hire an in-field marketing agency?

That depends on your goals and objectives. Consider the points we explained in this blog to determine what’s best for your business. If time and cost are major factors, then hiring an agency is the better option for your business. But if you seek more control of your team, consider hiring or expanding your internal staff.