Criminal Charges
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Mistakes are the part of life. People make mistakes when facing criminal charges, but we are here for that. We will tell you what NOT to do so you can avail your legal rights and build a strong case for yourself. Criminal law firm Mississauga has seen many people making the following mistakes. 

We will tell you how to avoid those so that you will no longer be charged with the crime you did not do. The criminal justice system is not perfect; nothing is; we must stand up for ourselves.

  1. Resistance to arrest 

It is a pretty typical response to resist and try to get yourself free when you are being arrested, you should avoid that. It will make things worse for you and your case if you fight. It could lead to even more charges on your name when trying to free yourself from the previous one.

Be respectful, polite, and calm while dealing with the police. But it does not mean that you tell them everything they ask. Refuse to answer anything, whether it’s a piece of evidence or questions. Your answers can be used against you to strengthen the charges you are facing.

2. Fail to contact a criminal defence lawyer 

Whenever you get arrested, ask for a lawyer. If you are not connected to the justice system and don’t know how it works, you should immediately contact your lawyer or tell the police to get you a lawyer before anything else. The lawyer will better be able to protect your legal rights and guide you through the criminal justice system.

Your lawyer can help drop the charges by presenting the evidence supporting you. Although, if you are guilty, your lawyer can negotiate with the prosecution to minimise the penalties or charges. All of this can happen if you become successful in getting yourself a lawyer. The lawyer will be able to represent you in court in case your case leads to a trial. He will know your complete detail from the start and be better able to defend you than yourself.

3. Providing evidence to the police 

    The police will ask if you have any other evidence. We do not want you to hand this evidence straight to the police. It can be anything, and we advise you not to provide the police with ANYTHING! For example, if the police ask for your body fluid samples or fingerprints, you should ask for a court order before doing that. 

    Do not hand over your mobile phone passwords, laptop or other personal things that could be used against you.

    4. Dressing in a court 

    This is the time you spend some money on your outfit. You should look presentable and respectful in front of the court. The legal system is working for people, and we should have an excellent physical appearance to be obedient. Just dress tidy and respectful, like wearing a coat and a tie.

    5. Hiding information from your attorney 

    You should never hide information from your attorney, as he will not be able to help you if he doesn’t know the whole story. Enlighten him will all the evidence, suspects, facts or any other detail related to your case.


    This article covered what mistakes you should avoid when facing criminal charges. You should never hand away any evidence, your fingerprint, to the police. Most importantly, you should get an attorney as soon as possible to protect your legal rights better. The lawyer will help you get over the Criminal charges or reduce your sentence.