Online Vape Shops in Canada
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Shopping for e-cigs online in Canada has its merits and demerits. One of its biggest merits is comparing various products and prices before buying. Plus, you don’t need to go out of the house. So it’s highly convenient. But there are demerits too, and an important, avoidable one is poor customer service. It is tough to determine this at the early stage if you shop online for vapes in Canada. But there are ways to tell the service quality, and this blog shares 7 signs of poor service quality in an online vape shop.

1. Non-compliance with vape regulations 

Vape regulations differ in each province and municipality. However, there is a common law among them, which is the age requirement. A good online vape shop in Canada complies with this by ensuring site visitors confirm they are old enough. A pop-up appears on the screen of such a website requesting age confirmation before viewing the site information. The legal age in most parts of Canada is 19. So the pop-up message asks you to confirm you are 19 or older before the page loads 

2. Bad reviews or low rating

Another sign of poor customer service is when you find several bad comments about the vape shop. Or if they are rated one or two stars on a trusted review website, e.g., Trustpilot. If only one out of two or three persons gave a low rating or bad comment, this is not enough to judge. However, if there are several low ratings among many reviewers, you should rethink shopping with them.

3. Inadequate details about vaping products

Shopping for e-cigarettes online provides the convenience of checking different products and comparing them without feeling pressured to buy a certain type. Comparisons require enough information about the products. So each catalog should provide these details.

4. Low customer service standards

An online vape shop should have adequate infrastructure for great customer service. Shoppers want to be able to reach a support team at any time. For this reason, most websites now have live chats. Not only that, but they also offer other means to reach the support team, such as email and phone. 

5. Limited variety of vaping products

Online vape shops usually offer a wider variety of e-cigarette products. They can invest more in the products since they aren’t paying for a physical store. Most also use dropshipping and other third-party solutions to raise their inventory. Therefore, it is a red flag if an online vape shop does not offer variety and enough options for choice.

6. Unclear warranty details and return policies 

Product warranties are supposed to boost customer satisfaction. Each product’s warranty details and return policies should be clear. This is a sign of quality service. The shop lets the buyer know what they are getting into before they complete the purchase.

7. Over-priced products

Vapes are usually lower priced in online shops than in local ones. Since their overhead costs are lower than local shops, they can sell at reduced prices. These stores are more concerned with selling more products and establishing a solid relationship with customers. An online shop that sells at a higher price than the local store or other online shops is not very customer-friendly.